Scared Scriptless Improv workshops are…

  • 1 afternoon (low commitment)
  • Fun – with a little silly
  • Different – Not like any workshop you’ve ever attended
  • Entertaining – You will be entertained
  • Educational – You will leave with a better understanding of yourself.
  • Enriching – You will leave with at least one new skill for life


Scared Scriptless Improv classes are…

  • 6-8 weeks (higher commitment)
  • Ever expanding and build on each previous level
  • Great for performers looking to get more on and off stage
  • Great for professionals looking to get more out of work
  • Great for everyone looking to get more out of life
  • Mind blowing
  • Eye opening
  • As challenging as it is fun

Learning can be FUN!

page2_pic1Get out of your comfort zone and get in on the fun!

At its core the skills of improv are the skills of life. If you are here you are interested in stepping into a larger world. A world where you are rewarded for your ideas and every choice you make is right. A world where everyone answers with “YES” and then adds on more information making your good ideas even better. This world exists. Let Scared Scriptless help you get there with our workshop and class series.

Meant for anyone interested in getting a leg up in life. Our improv training teaches communication skills, acceptance, group collaboration and embracing every moment and getting the most out of every situation. Click here for our complete workshop and class offerings



This introduction to improv will help you break out of your comfort zone and have you playing well with others.


Begining class

The basics of improv are explored in this class. You’ll learn valuable communication skills for life, work and theater.


Intermediate class

Expanding on the level 1 class, this class offers a more detailed look at scene work, story arch and character development.


Advanced class

Our advanced class is an opportunity to put all you’ve learned into play. You’ll learn advanced techniques and we will share the secret of improv greatness.