Cast Members

Erik Dahl
Artistic Director, Performer

Erik was born and raised in Anchorage. He started performing on the stage in elementary school so he could give flowers to his secret crush (alas, it didn’t go anywhere). He continued honing his stagecraft as a theater nerd in middle and high school, but his love of improv began in college performing with Nuthouse Improv. Afterwards, he moved back to Alaska and began his day job engineering career.  He continued to perform improv by joining Scared Scriptless, also joining Urban Yeti Improv from 2013 to 2017. Working with both of these outfits allowed him to perform at various venues in Alaska, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon, as well as festivals in Juneau (Alaska State Improv Festival) and New York City (Del Close Marathon). He continues to enjoy the freedom of expression that improv allows, as well as the interpersonal skills that it develops.

John Parsi
Executive Director

Mostly eyebrows, he is the love child of Harold Ramis and Eugene Levy. A performer from a young age and a speech and debate nerd; he took his relationship with improv to the next level in the last frontier. Improv has taken him all over Alaska and the lower 48 (otherwise known as slumming it). Currently partially banished to the desert, he started performing with Scared Scriptless in 2010 and was a founding member of Urban Yeti Improv. Cursed to be a lawyer, he is repenting for his sins by working at the youth development non-profit Kids at Hope.

Katy Laurance
Business Director, Performer

Data analyst by day…data analyst by night. After returning home to Alaska after a decade out of state, Katy took a chance and tried something truly scary…improv comedy. Open rehearsal turned into classes with Scared Scriptless/Urban Yeti, and ultimately lead to an invite to join as a performer in 2017. A year later Katy joined the troupe leadership team, and uses her top-notch Excel experience, passable graphic design skills, and willingness to learn taxes to keep the improv engine running. Katy also enjoys performing with the benefit of a script and has appeared in plays and musical theater since middle school. Katy has been seen in local theater productions including The Importance of Being Earnest (Cyrano’s Theater Company), readings at the Last Frontier Theater Conference, as a past storyteller/host for Arctic Entries, and as a featured storyteller on The Moth mainstage in Anchorage. She sometimes tap dances.

Rich Capitan

Rich came to Alaska from Michigan to play with the wildlife. Prone to making penguins puke, he is also cephalopod curious. His hobbies include ‘squatchin’, hobbits and beer – but please, just don’t ask him about the theme to the TV show, The Incredible Hulk. He’s been a member of Anchorage’s longest running comedy improv troupe Scared Scriptless since 2005.

Jack Delaney

My name is Jack. I grew up in the Midwest.  I like to do improv. I have been doing so for many years. I enjoy Scared Scriptless. Scared Scriptless  enjoys having me around to feed off my youth and energy like vampires. Thank you.

Andrea Gardner

Andrea was born and raised in Shelburne, Vermont, which is located roughly on the other side of the world. It is where the maple syrup is from. She spent two months every summer at sleep away camp and–following in the great tradition of unathletic children the world over–she found theater and developed a crush on improv. Six camp summers and a shelf-full of theater trophies later, Andrea was ready for the big leagues: high school theater. Her forays into character acting (I just remembered I never returned that Irish dialect cassette, sorry Mrs. Fawcett) led to the forensics team. Andrea shifted focus to improv during college and while living in California. Andrea moved to Alaska in 2014 and joined Scared Scriptless in 2018. When not performing, Andrea is a teacher, which is basically improv except the audience is sitting criss-cross-applesauce. She feels incredibly lucky to be part of Scriptless.

Eric G.

Eric began delighting audiences in collaboration with his brother, Paul. As kids, they produced many forgettable backyard revues. Later, they variously wrote, produced, directed, shot, and acted in the Super 8mm & VHS shorts Stog Wars, Ghost Town Bandits I & II, The Dec. 25 Christmas Nightmare, After the Day After, and Lou Carroll: What a Dude, among other still-unreleased gems. After a single summer studying film production at NYU—and years toiling in obscurity—Eric worked behind the camera on the Oscar-winning short documentary Freeheld, the Oscar-nominated features Winter’s Bone and Black Swan, and Renée for ESPN’s “30 for 30” series. Eric began studying improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade after an animated, tipsy conversation one New Year’s Eve. The art form’s ability to unlock dormant parts of his brain (play!) had him sold within seconds. He‘s been performing with Scared Scriptless since 2017.

Erica Kelly

Erica Kelly was born and raised in Wisconsin, dontcha know! With a passion for creative expressions, she spent some time in the Midwest slam poetry circuit. She performed slam poetry at open mics, poetry nights, and placed in the SlamMN! competition. Having moved from Wisconsin to Kotzebue, without ever having been to Alaska before, bold choices are in her repertoire. She is new to Anchorage, new to improv, and new to Scared Scriptless. But Erica’s no stranger to thinking on her feet and staying in the here and now, since she spends her days as a mental health therapist. At home, she has two tiny chihuahuas who have more sweaters than she does.

Tamra Kornfield

Tamra began her attempts at theater in preschool when she was in a scene of Hansel and Gretel, she broke character and giggled uncontrollably while eating her scene prop (a chocolate chip cookie). She has been trying not to break character ever since. Her tastes have refined enough now that she mostly only eats unnecessarily expensive cookies. Tamra joined Scared Scriptless sometime after 2011.

Amy Kropp

Amy has been a member of Scared Scriptless Improv since October 2017, and has been an active member of Anchorage’s theater and improv communities since 2013. In addition to improvising with the troupe, Amy is an actor, singer, writer, and stage manager who has appeared in many stage performances including The Music Man (TBA Theatre) and The Wizard of Oz (TBA Theatre). She also studies sketch comedy writing with The Second City in Chicago/LA. By day, Amy is an attorney with her own practice and serves as TBA Theatre’s business manager and general counsel. Amy loves performing improv, but she also believes that improv skills are enormously valuable to people in their everyday lives and to working professionals trying to get ahead.

Eric McCoy

Eric McCoy has limited stage experience. He’s performed as mostly German villains (are there any other kind?) and an orphan boy. He’s been halfway successful at half-assing it for half of Scriptless’ history. He is also the backup bassist for the Anchorage Lutheran Praise Team and plays a lot of sub-par chess. To support these vices, he daylights as an instructor of English, ukulele, and whatever language they will let him teach. Rest assured, his classes are even more boring and tiring than your experience in high school. Speaking of bored and tired, please keep his family in your thoughts: Tamara 42, Kenneth 7, Molly 6. There is nothing worse than someone who simultaneously feels they are funny AND feels the need to practice. (Insert dad joke here)

Rebecca Morrisey

Rebecca was birthed in Alaska and has zero desire to ever leave. A random invitation to an improv show led to an appreciation and eventual love of the craft. After many years of practicing (unbeknownst to her) improvisation with psychiatric patients, she landed in an improv class with Scared Scriptless. Now a newly minted member of Scared Scriptless’ troupe, she looks forward to gaining more skills and, most importantly, playing with members of the cast for the good people of the world!

Kristen Ritter

Kristen Ritter is a playwright and fiction writer based in Anchorage, Alaska. She took a long-form improv class once and hasn’t looked back. When she’s not writing or performing, she enjoys rock climbing, Dungeons & Dragons, and casually bringing up feminism. Her favorite improv game is New Choice which she plays in real life by repeatedly shouting “New choice!” until someone brings her bacon.

Dontae Robertson

Dontae was raised in the rough and tough streets of Anchorage, Alaska. He started getting a taste for the performing arts in middle school and then finally getting involved with improv in high school. He was apart of their team for all four years, performing for school shows, as well as competing in Improvaganza. Always showing up, never winning. He then went on to work for some freelance Improv instructor roles. Where, he would provide guidance for many of the high schools in the Anchorage school district. Now you can find Dontae working with Scared Scriptless, newly joining their team as of August, 2019.

Warren Weinstein

Warren has been with Scared Scriptless since 2006. Aside from improv, he also has enjoys directing and performing in theater and music productions.

Laurie Templeton
Support Staff, Box Office Superstar (BOSS)

Laurie is a high school drama teacher and improv coach, and has figured out the trick to working with kids is never growing up yourself! She is a youth liaison and box office manager for Scared Scriptless, and has been working with them for ten years. She is a lifelong Alaskan, along with her brother Eric McCoy.